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23 Years  of Experience

LEGAL KANOON is one of the region's first Law firm providing fully-integrated and cost-effective solutions of nearly all legal problems to clients.

With the help of experience and expertise of our team, we can present customized solutions that assist our clients in reaching their particular objectives and lifting burden of legal problems from our clients.

Why Choose Us

Pre Litigation Opinions/Briefs

We help our clients with all their legal requirements, including day-to day legal issues like Contract Management, Legal & Statutory Compliances, Opinions and Advisory. Allowing them to focus on core business while we handle all legal obligations


We assist our clients in drafting various kinds of contracts, analyzing drafts, preparing standard templates, identifying the variables relevant to a contract and building a checklist of “clauses”, which may be useful in addressing the distinctive specifications of each agreement.


Why does your business need our assistance?

Any business considering a possible transaction must assess all relevant parameters of the investment. A neutral due diligence is essential as it helps in analyzing and validating all financial, legal, commercial, operational and strategic aspects of the transaction. It uses previous trading knowledge to form an opinion of the future and ensures that there are no 'black holes'.

We support our clients in identifying key business drivers and KPIs, value corrections and other significant materials to ensure that they make a knowledgeable decision on the transaction.

Statutory compliance ensures adhering to the laws or regulations related to a particular business as prescribed by governmental bodies. Following these statutory compliances is necessary for all big and small business set ups to keep their businesses safe from the legal trouble. Deep knowledge of statutory compliances is required to minimize the risk associated with the non-compliance of statutory requirements.
We deal in numerous license approvals for Commercial establishments and numerous Business Units, Licenses for Cinemas, Hotels, Restaurants & Bars, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Commercial Projects, Residential Projects and various other approvals as per client’s need.
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